Emanuel Proposes Higher City Fines

Mayor Rahm Emanuel may have compromised on library cuts and held back on property tax hikes in his proposed budget, but there's still $220 million in higher fines and fees to account for.

The mayor’s 2012 revenue ordinance details hiked fines for a long list of offenses, from failure to maintain vacant lots (up from $300 to $600) to allowing weeds to grow higher than 10 inches (up from $600-to-$1,200-a-day to $500-to-$1,000), according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Playing your music too loudly? You could be fined up to $750. Caught drag racing? That could cost you a $1,000 ticket plus towing and storage.

Drivers whose cars are impounded for carrying drugs or illegal weapons would face a fine of up to $2,000. If the car was found within 500 feet of a park or school, the fine is $3,000.

Illegal dumping fines were raised from $250-to-$500 to $300-to-$600.

The list goes on and on. The 2012 revenue ordinance was introduced last week at the City Council meeting.

In addition, Emanuel announced he would raise city sticker fees across the board except for senior citizens and motorcycle riders.

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