‘Ellie Strong': 14-Year-Old Girl Battling Brain Tumor Falls Ill Again

"Within 24 days she had five surgeries, so she’s been through hell and back,” her mother said

A teen girl battling a brain tumor was recovering from surgery and visiting with family, when she suddenly fell ill again.

Fourteen-year-old Ellie Cuiching was recently airlifted by first responders to her home in Chicago after spending nearly a month in Miami, Florida after suffering a seizure and then shortly followed by a stroke.

"Within 24 days she had five surgeries, so she’s been through hell and back,” said her mother Kyle Cuiching.

The teen ended up hospitalized in both Jamaica and Miami after falling ill on vacation, a trip doctors cleared her to take. In the last 24 hours, doctors said she was allowed to return to Lurie Children’s Hospital.

"It was a very intensive process to move her, it was very scary watching them,” recounted Cuiching.

According to Ellie's mother, the tumor grew faster than the doctors expected.

Back in February, Lemont High School rallied around the teen, selling “Ellie Strong” bracelets to help the family deal with medical costs and the family expressed how touched they were by the outpouring community support.

"It kind of gives us hope and gives us energy, and gets us going forward, moving forward and just kind of helps us get through this fight,” Cuiching said.

The teen's mother said Ellie will start radiation soon and in the meantime, the Cuiching family remains hopeful.

"We’re just hoping she comes back to us."

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