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Ellen's Coy Chicago Tweet

"Me & You & Oprah" Near Michigan Avenue



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    Tweet this: Ellen says she and Oprah have a date in Chicago Friday.

    If Tweets are to be believed, comedienne and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres will be in Chicago today, and the city is apparently invited.

    The talk show host has been coyly alluding to an Oprah meetup on Michigan Avenue that'll take place Friday at noon -- and the public's invited.

    This morning, Ellen tweeted to her 3.6 million followers: "Chicago: It's Time! Oprah & I are meeting on Michigan Ave. for a little girl time. Want to join us? I would if I were you.

    Ellen first alluded to the meetup last night:

    "Windy City! Prepare to have you the wind knocked outta you. Me & You & Oprah Tomorrow near Michigan Ave."

    That was followed 45 minutes later with:

    "Hey Chi-Town: Oprah and I are meeting tomorrow on Michigan Ave. Want to join us? I would if I were you."

    A spokesman for the show didn't elaborate.

    "That's all I can tell you," said Michael Lever, the program's Director of Affiliate Relations.

    Ellen will appear on the December cover of Oprah's O Magazine.

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