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East Chicago Man Jailed for Dealing Cocaine

Eli Borom sold 1/2 gram of coke to undercover officer last year



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    Eli Borom Jr.

    An East Chicago man has been sentenced to 10 years in jail for dealing cocaine.

    Eli Borom Jr., 53, was arrested in 2009 when he sold .5 grams of cocaine to an undercover East Chicago police officer for $20. Borom pled guilty to the drug charge in May of this year.

    The 2009 arrest was not Borom’s first. According to Diane Poulton, spokeswoman for Lake County prosecutors, Borom was previously convicted for two robberies in 1974 and 1979, a rape charge in 1983 and possession and dealing of cocaine in 1995 and 2003 respectively.

    The 10-year prison sentence was an agreed plea deal, Poulton said.