Elderly Woman, Dog Attacked by Pit Bulls

Pit bulls quarantined after woman's pet dog killed in attack

A suburban grandmother is demanding justice after her Yorkie named Toto was fatally attacked Tuesday by two pit bulls a neighbor says killed her dog just last year.

Bonnie Price, 83, of West Chicago, says she was walking down the street at around 1 p.m. with Toto when the dogs attacked the both of them.

"They were just vicious-looking as they were just charging down the street," Price said. "I went down to pick Toto up, and they pulled me down."

Price said four men, one wielding a shovel, came running to her aid after hearing her cries for help, but it was too late. 

"He banged it on him, but he didn't budge," Price said. But they couldn't save Toto. "There was still a heartbeat there, but he was gone."

Bonnie, who herself was bitten and bruised in the attack, has since learned it's not the first time the pit bulls have fatally attacked another dog in the neighborhood.

Laura Ekstrom said her dog Macy was killed by the dogs just a few blocks away in December, buther complaints to city officials fell on deaf ears. 

"I tried so hard when it happened at Christmas-time to get something done. I said, 'This isn't right,'" Eksrom said.

NBC 5 was unsuccessful in trying to contact the owner of the pit bulls.

The DuPage County Animal Control have quarantined the dogs and assured Price they won't be coming back to the neighborhood.

West Chicago police are considering charges against the owners.

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