Calumet City

Elderly Couple's Home Repeatedly Targeted By Vandals Throwing Eggs, Rocks

Couple Says Teens Throw Rocks and Eggs at Their Home

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The Castillos have lived in their Calumet City home for 35 years, but the couple never had any issues until last year when a group of teenagers started targeted their home with random projectiles.

“I was sitting here one day and they even egged me," said Ernesto Castillo. “They egged our home several times. They even take pictures. I’m fed up – I’m shaking – I don’t know what to do.”

Both 70 and retired, the couple says this year things have gotten worse recently. That includes Saturday, when someone threw a large rock through a window of their home, damaging a TV.

“It would be different if I did something to them- but no I didn’t and we don’t deserve this at all,” said Josephine Castillo.

Ernesto recently had a kidney transplant and Josephine is on oxygen and dialysis. Their son has installed new video cameras in an effort to identify suspects in the case.

Calumet City Police says they got a call about 5:15 pm on July 17 about damage to a south window of a home in the 600 block of Buffalo. The Department says it has increased patrols in the area, and the incidents remain under investigation.

The hope is to get a clear picture of the faces to help police.

“We want to know why this happening,” said their son Patrick Castillo.

Ernesto Castillo says he does not want the teens arrested, but he would like them or their parents to pay for the damage to his home.

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