Efforts to Boot 19-Year-Old DePaul Freshman From Ballot ‘Overkill,' Lawyer Says

Quinn's election lawyer declined to comment.

The first day for city candidates to respond to petition challenges arrived Monday and there's one race for alderman that's getting a lot of attention.

Alderman Marty Quinn has one challenger in his 13th Ward re-election: David Krupa , just 19 years old, and a DePaul University freshman. Of course, the 13th Ward is also home to powerful House Speaker Mike Madigan. There has not been a serious challenge to the incumbent since 1979.

Krupa told NBC 5 his election lawyer, Michael Dorff, warned him.

"'You know who you’re up against don’t you,' I says, 'yes, Mike, I know."

Quinn has close connections to Madigan.

"People told me that if they don’t put his sign in the window, they don’t receive city services, if they sign my petition they were afraid their jobs might be in jeopardy if they’re a city worker," Krupa said.

Quinn has speaker Madigan's attorney, Mike Kasper, representing him in this petition challenge. Krupa filed 1,703 signatures -- he only needs 473 to get on the ballot. To boot him from the ballot -- Quinn filed 2,700 affidavits from residents revoking their signatures.

That's 1,000 more people than even signed his petitions--clearly there are false affidavits.

"To do this type of overkill, overkill that was not necessary, it’s clown school," Dorff said. "It was just so bad."

Krupa is convinced voters want change.

"They did tell me, if I get on the ballot they would come out and support me," he said.

Quinn told WTTW Krupa is a President Donald Trump supporter and questioned how could he possibly get 1,700 signatures in the 13th Ward.

Quinn's election lawyer declined to comment.

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