Underwater Trash Collector Hits Chicago

Environmental group unveils remote control trash collector

There's plenty that Gov. Pat Quinn and Mayor Rahm Emanuel don't agree on, but they both appear to be united in their desire to clean up the Chicago River.

Earlier this year, the two joined EPA officials in announcing $10 million in funding to help clean up area waterways, focused primarily on upgrading technology and treating discharges at two water reclamation plants by 2015.

And just this week, Emanuel unveiled plans to expand the riverwalk another six blocks along Chicago's River -- something that would of course be more palatable with a cleaner river.

It seems to create an opportunity for The Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean. The environmental group will be conducting seminars Friday at the McCormick Bridgehouse & Chicago River Museum featuring the VideoRay Pro 4, an underwater remote operated vehicle that's been used to clean up bodies of water all over the world.

The group will conduct an underwater trash hunt and collection demo in the Chicago River. The vehicle is operated via computer and is equipped with a clamp that picks up the debris, eliminating the need to send divers into potentially dangerous areas.

Rahm has said that he's supportive of all efforts to clean the Chicago River, and views it as the "city’s next recreational frontier."

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