Lawmakers to Debate School Funding Agreement Monday

The deal to fix the school funding formula now just days away as state lawmakers head back to Springfield for the important votes.

But could there be a glitch?

After years of negotiations to change how the state funds public schools there's an agreement in principle but Gov. Bruce Rauner's statements Friday are less optimistic than just one day ago. Rauner is not totally on board for the school funding bill, especially what's expected to be $300 million for Chicago Public Schools.

The new school funding bill includes school tuition tax credits of up to 75 million dollars for private schools -- has many democrats critical. State Rep. Will Guzzardi calls the tax credit a poison pill and he now opposes the deal.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the governor agree and don't believe the tax credits or vouchers are competition for public schools.

The new deal may also include allowing CPS the authority to raise property taxes, changes for tax increment financing districts and even allowing districts to perhaps get rid of physical education requirements.

The four top legislative leaders will return to Springfield late Sunday and the House begins its debate Monday morning.

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