Flight of the Dodo

Daley, senators flew on Educap CEO's luxury jet -- but why?

Taking a ride on a $31 million private luxury jet might not be such a far-fetched scheme -- particularly if you know the right people.

A scandal is breaking in Educap, a multibillion-dollar student loan charity, over perks it gave its CEO, who shared the love with her family and friends, as CBS News reported.

Educap CEO Catherine Reynolds is being accused of abusing those perks, sharing a jetsetter's lifestyle with those she knew. For years, she flew her family and friends around in style -- including Mayor Richard Daley; former senators Tom Daschle and Ted Stevens; and former FBI Director William Sessions.

And some of those flights had little to nothing to do with the charity, according to CBS.

Educap is now being investigated by the feds, who are trying to find out if the not-for-profit company abused its tax-exempt status, charging high interest rates to students to keep the money flowing in.

Ted Stevens -- before his conviction on corruption charges -- flew with Reynolds dozens of times, including trips to skiing resorts in Vail and Aspen.

Mayor Daley and his wife went on 58 flights, CBS reported, including far-away stop-offs in Asia and Sweden.

The jet, which costs thousands of dollars an hour to operate, was sold after the IRS began investigating the company.

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