Mystery Blago Chair Bidder Hasn't Come Forward

Chair signed by Rod Blagojevich sold for $10,200

Rod Blagojevich finally sold a seat. He got $10,200 for it.

Now they just need to track down "n***i."

No, that's not a bleepin' reference to Blago. It's the unidentified new owner of his seat from the set of ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live that's cushioned the tushes of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, Shaq, Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington.

Blago on Jimmy Kimmel

Apparently, 67th bidder, a.k.a "n***i", has not come forward.

"We're still trying to reach out to them," an ABC spokeswoman told the Tribune.

The seat-buying person is no longer a registered eBay user, according to the site.

Blago signed the chair, which Kimmel offered up for sale, telling the former governor that he could either keep the money or donate it to charity.

As part of the deal, Kimmel agreed to hire three people who are currently unemployed.

The eBay auction started at $200 on Sept. 10, doubled on Sept 11th, then doubled again (and then some) to $1,000 on Sept. 12.

Bidding ended Thursday night, topping out at just over $10k.

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