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East Chicago Teacher Arrested After Admitting to Having a ‘Kill List' Involving Staff, Students

25-year-old Angelica Carrasquillo-Torres of Griffith was arrested at her residence Thursday morning in connection with the incident

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A teacher at St. Stanislaus School in East Chicago, Indiana was arrested Thursday after it was discovered that she had made threatening comments toward students and kept a "kill list", according to officials.

Angelica Carrasquillo-Torres, 25, of Griffith, was arrested Thursday morning at her residence after an emergency detention order was approved by East Chicago police.

Police said officers arrived at the school at approximately 5 p.m. on Wednesday following a report to a counselor from a student earlier in the day that their 5th grade teacher had made comments about killing herself, students and staff at the school.

Furthermore, the student said the teacher told them that she has a "kill list", and that they were at the bottom of the list.

Carrasquillo-Torres was then escorted to the principal's office following the student's report, in which the teacher admitted to making the statements to the student and having a kill list. She did not provide the list to the principal, but did name a specific student on the list.

She was then told to leave the school following a pending investigation, according to officials. Police said they were made aware of the incident after Carrasquillo-Torres left the school, and completed a report for the Criminal Investigation Division upon notification.

Police said the investigation into the incident remains active and that there is no further information.

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