E2 Nightclub Owners Feel Justified

Owners say the spotlight was focused too much on them

E2 Nightclub owners, Dwain Kyles and Calvin Hollins, say they may have been used as scape goats in the tragedic deaths of 21 people in 2003.

Both men had their conviction for manslaughter overturned by an appeals court, Wednesday.

At a press conference Thursday afternoon, Kyles and Hollins, with their attorney, said that many people didn't expected the case to get this far. Now, they are calling for a full investigation of the police and fire departments involved. They believe safety officials only stood and watched as people were trapped at the door.

The two owners were convicted to a two year sentence each in 2009 for failing to close the second floor of the building which was court order. 

At the time the owners claimed the order did not make sense at the time. A security guard used pepper spray in the crowd that set off a massive rush from the second floor. Kyles and Hollins escaped previous criminal charges.

An appeals judge reversed the decision Tuesday, tossing out the guilty verdicts.

The owners say they do want to see justice and the tragedy has been a "searing hole" in their hearts. Kyles and Hollins are also suing the city for malicious prosecution.

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