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Frosty the (Massive) Snowman

Colossal creation took two days to build



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    That's a lot of snow, man.

    In a fit of precipitation inspiration, a Schaumburg family decided to go big with their snowman this year, erecting in their driveway a snowy behemoth that stands over fifteen feet tall.

    Tom Dzida and his 4-year-old son, Oscar, created the as-yet-unnamed snow colossus over two days just before Christmas.

    The giant Frosty has captured the imagination of the Dzida's entire town.

    "The people come by to take pictures," said Joanne Dzida, who watched her husband and son at work. "I think all of Schaumburg knows about it now."

    Using a wheelbarrow to haul snow from the backyard, Tom and Oscar piled snow to create the base of the snowman, which is about five feet tall.

    For the rest, Tom Dzida used step-ladders and a shovel to hoist the white stuff to the top.  Tools were used to help shape the snowman and provide facial features.

    Joanna said she helped a little, but said the snowman was mostly a labor of love for father and son.

    "When I see kids that are wet, and I'm wet, it's not fun for me.  But my husband works construction and has to keep working until the job is done," she said.

    The snowman's lost some height since it was completed Christmas Eve, said Joanne, but Tom Dzida was back outside Wednesday adding more snow.

    "It'll be around for a long time," Joanna said.