Durbin to Endorse Duckworth


A Joe Walsh rematch for Illinois' 8th Congressional District could get a little more complicated Monday -- maybe.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) will endorse Tammy Duckworth at noon in her campaign for the district, won by Walsh in 2010 against incumbent Democrat Melissa Bean. Duckworth faces Raja Krishnamoorthi in the primary, but it is still not known if Walsh will enter the race. 

Duckworth threw in her hat last month after resigning as VA assistant secretary. She lost to Rep. Peter Roskam in 2006 in a close race for the House in the 6th Congressional District.

Since then, the 8th district has been split in three by Democratic redistricting. And some say Duckworth's recent experience in administrative roles could put her ahead.

The Duckworth camp described Durbin's endorsement as a "major" one in her campaign. It's an expected one, though, and Krishnamoorthi, in a statement, wasn't impressed.

"I respect Senator Durbin," said Krishnamoorthi, an advisor for Barack Obama's 2004 U.S. Senate campaign and 2008 Presidential bid, "but the economic suffering millions of Americans face today means this election will be decided by the candidate who best demonstrates a depth of experience, passion, and ideas for creating jobs and helping the middle class. I respectfully submit that candidate will be me."

Will any of it matter to freshman Rep. Walsh? First let's see if he steps back into the ring.

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