DuPage Identifies Restaurant Tied To E. Coli Outbreak

The DuPage County Health Department has identified the Lombard restaurant tied to at least four confirmed E. coli cases in people admitted to county hospitals this week.

Jason Gerwig, the external affairs manager for the DuPage County Health Department, said his agency closed Los Burritos Mexicanos, located in the 1000 block of East Saint Charles Road at 5 p.m. Friday after it was suspected to be the potential source of the outbreak.

Gerwig said Monday the restaurant will remain closed pending further results of the investigation.  

In addition to the four confirmed cases, a “handful” of others have reported similar symptoms and are being tested, Gerwig said.

“When you get a cluster like this it does get our attention, which is why we were quick to get involved,” he said.

In 2011, Illinois recorded 241 cases of E. coli, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health’s website.

According to the DuPage County Health Department, E. coli is typically contracted by eating meat that is not thoroughly cooked, by drinking pasteurized milk, or by contact with contaminated hands, food or objects.

Officials urge anyone who ate at the Los Burritos Mexicanos restaurant between May 24 and June 14 and developed diarrheal illness within two to 10 days to consult with your physician and report the illness to the DuPage County Health Department at 630-221-7040 or 630-682-7400.

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