Duncan Keith Highlights Brent Seabrook in Tear-Jerking Retirement Speech

Duncan Keith highlights Brent Seabrook in retirement speech originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

As Duncan Keith sat before a press room beside his only son, Colton, he stopped a few times to hold back the tears as he thanked both the Blackhawks and Oilers organizations, his teammates, and his family. 

He looked back on his lengthy career -- one that now ends at age 38 -- and he couldn't help but mention his running mate of 15 years -- Brent Seabrook. 

"I've got a lot of great memories, a lot of great teammates from my time in Chicago and too many great players to name them all," Keith said. "You know, but when I think of those teammates and the special bonds and memories that we created, one guy that sticks out to me the most is is Brant Seabrook."

Keith surely has plenty of memories to take from his long career in Chicago.

Maybe he'll remember hoisting up the Stanley Cup three separate times with the Hawks, or losing seven teeth in a 2010 playoff game on their way to his first Stanley Cup and his first Norris Trophy. 

But, on Tuesday during his final press conference, Keith chose to remember playing 15 straight seasons with his opposite defenseman, Seabrook. 

Keith and Seabrook are an all-time, legendary tandem. Together, they combined for 207 goals, 861 assists (1,068 combined points) and 2,306 games as Blackhawks. 

Keith highlighted the duo, winning two Norris trophies and one Conn Smyth trophy during their time together. He is widely recognized as one of the best, if not the best, defenseman in Chicago Blackhawk history. 

But, like Michael Jordan always said of Scottie Pippen, Keith wouldn't be who he was as a player without Seabrook. They had a relationship that extended past the ice and one that will be forever admired by sports fanatics and players. 

"Brent was instrumental in my hockey career when I won my two Norris Trophies," Keith said. "I always played my best hockey playing with Brent Seabrook. A big, strong right-handed shot defenseman. I couldn't ask for a better player or a better person to play my whole career in Chicago with. I'm thankful he was there. I'm so very thankful for a teammate like Brent."

The two defined the chemistry it takes to create an unbeatable duo like the two of them created near the blue line in Chicago. One of the key factors between their relationship was their honesty with each other and the unrelenting accountability they had for each other. 

"If Dunc's having a tough game, I know I can rip on him or tell him to get going, and I know he's not going to take it to heart," Seabrook told Brian Hamilton of the Chicago Tribune back in 2013. "I know he's going to just think of it as I'm trying to help him, and it goes the same for me."

The two enjoyed a dynasty in Chicago together, winning three Stanley Cup Championships in 2010, 2013 and 2015. Under Joel Quenneville, the Blackhawks created one of the most entertaining sports dynasties in the city of Chicago. 

Seabrook retired in 2021, ending his 15-year career in Chicago. Now, at 38 years old, Keith ends his time in the NHL and can celebrate his time as a Chicago Blackhawk forever. 

"We got I got a lot of special memories from my time there," Keith said. "And those championship teams were definitely some of the some of the highlights."

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