Portage Park

Driver Caught On Camera Swerving, Speeding Then Crashing into Parked Cars in Chicago's Portage Park

The car ended up hitting a series of parked cars causing a domino effect

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Toni Scavo sat in her living room watching TV Tuesday night when she heard a loud boom.

“At first I didn’t even know where it came from and I just said 'what was that,'” said Scavo.

The grandmother of three told NBC 5 she scanned the room to see what was going on.

“We got up, two of us got up and walked over here because this gives us a pretty good vantage point,” she said.

Scavo looked out her window and noticed something off with the cars parked in front of her building, including her vehicle and her son’s vehicle.

“There have been a number of incidents here so I kinda automatically thought 'here’s another crazy person doing crazy things,'” she said.

Surveillance video shared with NBC 5 shows a dark-colored car swerving and speeding down the 3700 block of Lamon Avenue in Portage Park. Then you can hear a loud boom.

The car ended up hitting a series of parked cars causing a domino effect. The video shows someone getting out of the car. Scavo said her neighbor told her they saw two people switching sides before driving off.

“Unfortunately, police told us even if they have a license plate number that they can’t prove that the owner of the car was driving it. So, that almost doesn’t even help getting a license plate number,” she said. “Unless you actually have someone who saw that person.”

Scavo’s neighbor’s car took the brunt of the damage, then her son’s vehicle. She said her son ended up following the suspect’s car after noticing a trail of radiator fluid.

“This guy had somehow done damage to his radiator. He must have hit it so hard and he was leaking radiator fluid, so you could see the trail of where he was driving,” she said. “My son, they followed, they went into an alley, then he got far enough away that you couldn't follow the trail anymore. So, we don’t know where he ended up.”

She’s glad no one was hurt, but just wishes the driver would have done the right thing in the first place.

“How did you grow up? Who taught your value system? Where did that happen?” she said. “Don’t you see that you’re hurting people, you know, maybe somebody’s livelihood is affected.”

Scavo said she filed a police report and will begin the process of filing a claim with her insurance.

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