Drew Peterson Seeks to Halt Movie

Lawyers send "cease and desist" letter to movie producers

Count Drew Peterson among those who believes Rob Lowe isn't right for the part.

Lawyers for the jailed former Bolingbrook cop accused of killing his ex-wife are threatening the makers of TV movie with legal action if they don't "cease and desist" with the project, according to WGN Radio.

The station reports that Peterson's lawyers sent Lifetime Entertainment and several other broadcast companies involved in the movie a seven-page letter, along with a letter to Lowe, who has been tapped to portray Peterson.

The lawyers claim that the book that the movie is based on is "extremely opinionated (and) blatantly biased," and asked that the project be halted by Friday, the station reported.

Peterson is charged with killing his ex-wife Kathleen Savio and is also a suspect in the disappearance of Stacy Peterson, his fourth wife.

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