Drew Peterson Gets Brief Visit From Son, Now 18

Kristopher Peterson says he'll remove himself from the wrongful death suit filed on his behalf

There were a few loving, familial moments in a Will County courtroom Thursday between accused murderer Drew Peterson and one of his sons.

Kristopher Peterson turned 18 years old a day earlier and stopped in the courtroom for a brief conversation and shared smiles with his father. He's a potential witness in the case, so his stay in the courtroom was brief -- just a few minutes.

Drew Peterson looked extremely happy to see his son. It's not clear when they last saw each other, but Peterson has been in the Will County Jail for more than three years awaiting trial. That facility only allows visits via video.

The defense team said the visit was not a surprise but would not say if and how long it was planned. Peterson was escorted in by a Will County sheriff's deputy for security reasons.

Kristopher Peterson is now an adult and, according to a letter he sent to the Chicago Sun-Times, said he would follow in his older brother's footsteps and remove himself from the wrongful death suit filed on his behalf.

NBC Chicago is told the younger Peterson was at the courthouse Thursday filing those papers.

The two sons are standing with their father, proclaiming his innocence in the death of their mother, who was found in dry bathtub in 2004. 

NBC Chicago has reporters in the Will County Courthouse for the trial. During proceedings, follow along with our Drew Peterson Trial Live Blog or follow gmarshall_jr on Twitter.

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