Peterson Juror Recognizes Witness

A judge temporarily halted proceedings at Drew Peterson's murder trial after a juror recognized a witness who had just taken the stand.

The juror indicated later Wednesday afternoon that he recognized the 22-year-old witness who lived next door to Peterson's slain third wife for several years before she died.

Nick Pontarelli had been on the stand for just a few minutes when the judge told the court the juror had recognized Pontarelli. The judge and the prosecutors withdrew to his chambers to discuss the issue.

When they returned, the judge said the issue had been resolved and the juror would remain on the jury.

Pontarelli had said earlier that Kathleen Savio was like a mother to him and talked about how she feared Drew Peterson.

NBC Chicago has reporters in the Will County Courthouse for the trial. During proceedings, follow along with our Drew Peterson Trial Live Blog or follow @bjlutz on Twitter.

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