Jurors Not Allowed To See Peterson TV Interviews

A judge ruled that jurors in the Drew Peterson trial will not be allowed to watch nationally broadcast tv interviews with Peterson

drew peterson

Jurors may get to hear debated hearsay testimonies in the Drew Peterson trial, but they won't see the many TV interviews nationally broadcast throughout the case so far, a judge ruled Thursday. 

Will County Judge Edward Burmila said Peterson interviews come across as “cold-hearted” and like “cross-examinations,” according to a report in the Chicago Sun-Times.
Peterson’s attorney Joseph Lopez said the interviews were conducted in an “accusatory manner” and commended the judge’s ruling, the Sun-Times reported.
The ruling came during a preliminary hearing held to clear up issues, including the disputed hearsay testimonies, before the July 23 trial begins. 
Burmila said he would order a divorce lawyer to testify about conversations he had with Drew Peterson's ex-wife before her 2004 drowning death -- a ruling that defense attorneys said could help them even though they had fought against allowing the testimony.
In another ruling before next month's scheduled trial of Peterson, Burmila told attorneys that a pastor of Peterson's fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, might be allowed to testify.
But the heated controversies caused by Drew Peterson's string of sneer comments and bad jokes won't be allowed in court.
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