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Drew Peterson Asks Judge, Media for Help



    Drew Peterson Asks Judge, Media for Help
    On May 7, 2009, Peterson was officially indicted for the murder of Kathleen Savio.

    Drew Peterson's attorneys on Tuesday asked a judge to throw out an illegal weapons charged lobbed against the former Bolingbrook police sergeant.

    Meanwhile, Peterson made an impassioned plea for the media to "watch over" his children during what he says are "vindictive legal proceedings."

    Peterson was charged with possession of an illegal firearm after authorities learned he gave a short-barreled rifle to his son, Stephen, for safe keeping. Peterson's attorneys told Judge Richard Schoenstedt on Tuesday that Peterson could legally possess the weapon because he was a police officer at the time.

    But prosecutors say Peterson giving the weapon to his son had nothing to do with his duties as a police officer.

    The former Bolingbrook police sergeant is charged with murdering his third wife Kathleen Savio in 2004 and is a suspect, but not charged, in the 2007 of his fourth wife Stacy Peterson.

    In a letter to the media given to Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed, Peterson calls Stephen a "good man and a dedicated father and policeman" and asks the media to "watch over" his children.

    Peterson's letter makes the claim that his children have been robbed of their father because of the charges against him.

    "All my children are exceptional kids just wanting a happy childhood after their little worlds were turned upside down three years ago," he wrote.

    The judge will decide Oct. 1 whether Drew Peterson can be prosecuted on the illegal weapons charge.