Dozens of Sinks, Fountains Fail Lead Testing in Plainfield Schools: Officials

Six drinking fountains and 59 sinks failed lead testing at more than a dozen Plainfield School District 202 campuses, officials announced Friday.

District officials said as of Thursday 98 percent of the water sources in the district schools had been tested. Some of them were below the safety standard, officials said.

Lead removal filters will be installed on the 65 water sources that were below the standard, the district says. The failing fountains and sinks will also be retested before the first day of school on Aug. 17, the district says.

“Any water sources still out of compliance will not be in use until after successful remediation and passing of a re-test,” district officials said.

Below are the fountains and sink locations that failed the lead testing. More information can be found on the district's website.

Drinking fountains:

• Indian Trail Middle School (one)

• Wesmere Elementary School (one)

• Plainfield Academy (three)

• Plainfield South High School (one – by tennis court)


• Indian Trail Middle School (five)

• Eichelberger Elementary School (two)

• Creekside Elementary School (five)

• Ira Jones Middle School (one)

• Walker’s Grove Elementary School (five)

• River View Elementary School (two)

• Drauden Point Middle School (seven)

• Aux Sable Middle School (seven)

• PHSCC (one)

• Grand Prairie Elementary School (seven)

• Timber Ridge Middle School (one)

• Wesmere Elementary School (six)

• Lakewood Falls Elementary School (three)

• PEHS (three)

• PSHS (four)

Testing started in early May, officials said, and cost about $184,342.96.

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