Lincoln Park

Dozens of Cars Damaged in Rash of Break-ins Reported in Lincoln Park

Police say officers were called to the 2700 block of N Racine Avenue Tuesday morning

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Neighbors are confused and frustrated after a rash of break-ins were reported early Tuesday morning. Nearly two dozen cars were damaged on the 2700 block of North Racine Avenue, police said.

“You would think Lincoln Park streets are always safe, and that’s what you want to hear. Not the case today, unfortunately,” said Lucy Cabrera.

Cabrera’s car was parked in front of her parents’ home on an otherwise quiet, residential street. Her passenger side front window was smashed out.

“The glove compartment had been rummaged through, even the instruction manual. They looked through everything. The center console just rummaged through, all of our stuff. Just glass everywhere,” said Cabrera. “Luckily, nothing of value was taken.”

Chicago police said they were called to the block for reports of break-ins Tuesday morning. Officials could not confirm how many cars were damaged, but said they are investigating.

Jonathan Davis said his car was broken into on the same block two weeks prior.

“In that situation, I was the only car that looked to be hit,” said Davis. “You would think you wouldn’t have so many cars get smashed out and nobody would notice it overnight. These things happen. One of the challenges of living in the city, I suppose.”

Chicago police said it’s too early to say if the incidents are linked.

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