Downers Grove Expected to Change Tornado Siren Policy


Village officials of Downer's Grove were meeting Tuesday evening to discuss possible changes to their siren program.

Many Downers Grove residents complained about the warning system following the large Chicago-area storm on June 21, claiming they had been caught off guard when the second in a series of two EF1-rated tornadoes hit in the western suburb.

"When we had heard the storm come through and that it was in our neighborhood, I was a little shaken by the fact that the village didn't respond in a timely fashion, " said resident Phil Sumida.

Officials said the sirens weren't sounded because the current policy requires a visual confirmation of a funnel cloud or a tornado.

That visual confirmation requirement is expected to be amended.

Storms that came through last week also left quite a dent on the Chicagoland area - literally, for home and car owners.

State Farm Insurance said it has received around 4,000 automotive claims and 600 homeowners' claims as a result of the strong storms that tore through Chicagoland last week. The storms brought golf ball-sized hail in some places.

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