Doubling Your Dollar at Dominick's

Chicago area Dominick's stores implement price cuts

Dominicks shoppers' grocery bags are about to get a little bit fuller.

That’s because the 81 Dominick’s stores in the Chicago area are implementing price cuts on everyday items, the Sun-Times reports. Loyalty-card holders get an even better value with the additional discounts they’ll receive.

“Customers in Chicago don’t want to run around to different stores trying to get the best deal, so we’re lowering thousands of prices across the store,” Dominick’s President Don Keprta said.

Dominicks, Chicago's second largest grocery store, however, is late to the party. The price cuts seem to be a reaction to Jewel's price cuts earlier this year. Jewel is the area's largest grocery chain.

Looks like in a market that is getting more and more competitive, Dominicks is ready to nix the Supermarket Sweep-esque shopping experiences.

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