Dorothy Brown Touts Fundraiser Featuring Joe Jackson, Felon

Like a trapped badger, Dorothy Brown’s campaign for Cook County Board President continues to try chewing its own leg off.

Brown posted a release this week inviting supporters to a $250-a-head fundraising dinner featuring Michael Jackson’s dad Joe and Marshall Thompson, a musician who founded the Chi-lites, according to the Sun-Times.

Thompson happens to be a convicted felon.

Both men are pictured on the invite, which reads: We “cordially invite you to a Red Carpet Reception in support of Dorothy Brown.”

Brown, whose campaign missteps include campaigning from a government office (big no-no) and a weak challenge to opponent Todd Stroger’s petitions, followed by a withdrawal (baffling), may have wanted to think twice about promoting the support of a convicted criminal.

But that’s actually a minor detail considering that Thompson denies confirming his appearance for the event.

He said he’s considering the request, but hasn’t committed. Joe Jackson said flat out that he’s not going to the event.

"They should have never put our pictures nowhere," Thompson told the Sun-Times.

Brown defended herself by saying that she didn’t organize the fundraiser and wasn’t aware of Thompson’s record.

Andy Shaw, who runs the Better Government Association, said her lack of awareness is even more troubling than her associations.

You're judged by the company you keep, and ex-felons don't inspire confidence," Shaw told the Sun-Times. "If you can't handle a simple task like that, how can you be entrusted to clean up and manage a multibillion-dollar governmental enterprise like Cook County?"


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