Don't Worry About Bears' Buy-In Just Yet: Cutler

When the Bears fired Lovie Smith and hired Marc Trestman, the offense had plenty of reasons to be excited. Trestman, a head coach who came up through the offensive ranks, is the guy who can fix the continuously sputtering Bears' offense. But what would this mean to the Bears' successful defense? 

This early in training camp, Jay Cutler said not everyone has completely bought into Trestman just yet.

"Not everybody’s bought in, but that’s OK. We still have a lot of time. Hopefully by the time the first game rolls around, we’ve got everyone on the same page."

Imagine you had a boss that you liked. Not only did you like this boss, but you performed well for him. You exceeded your goals, and your department was the best in the business. But the other department at your company didn't do as well under this boss. They continually failed to do what they were supposed to do, dragging the whole company down. Because of that department's failings, your boss gets fired. Even though you're a professional and you vow to continue to do your job well, it will still take a while for you to become comfortable under this new boss.

This is the situation the Bears' defense is in. They did what they were supposed to do under Lovie Smith. It's not hard to see why the Bears didn't make the playoffs in 2012. It was the offense's failings. It's a tough situation for the defense to be in. It will take them longer to move on from Smith than the offense. It's normal, and as Cutler said, it's nothing to be worried about just yet.

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