Wayward Donkey Rescued on I-90 by Flummoxed Sheriff's Deputy

A real ass was seen on I-90 near Arlington Heights Wednesday—until a Cook County sheriff’s deputy pulled over and took action.

Body-camera footage showing a donkey being rescued by the deputy was posted on the department’s Twitter account.

“There’s a donkey in the middle of I-90,” the deputy is heard radioing to dispatch, perhaps slightly irritated.

She then attempts to coax Dusty (that’s the donkey’s name, you see) away from the traffic zooming by on the expressway.

“Come here, come here, sweetie,” she tells the errant barnyard animal.

“You wanna call the state or something, somebody lost their donkey, county,” the deputy radios to dispatch.

Throughout the ordeal, the donkey seems unphased—stubborn, even—given its dangerous proximity to the speeding vehicles on the interstate.

“I am in the middle of the expressway with a donkey,” the incredulous deputy tells dispatch as she continues to lure the animal to the shoulder.

She then asks someone just off camera to pull their car over and stand by Dusty until she can “figure out what I’m gonna do with it.”

The department tweeted Thursday that Dusty was returned to his owner shortly after the incident.

But “Shrek was nowhere to be found,” the sheriff's department said.

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