WATCH: Dominick's Workers ‘Thank' Safeway in YouTube Parody

Some Chicago area Dominick’s workers have left a “thank you” note for the grocery chain as dozens of stores close their doors in the city.

In a YouTube video posted Friday, just one day before many of the grocery chain’s 72 stores close for good and leave an estimated 6,000 workers without a job, workers show “how it really ends at Dominick’s.”

The parody, titled “Thanks Safeway,” shows stores exploding, dragons setting fires, helicopters crashing into the building and other sci-fi creatures destroying the store.

“We thought we were safe,” text in the video reads. “Unfortunately, we were wrong, like, Miley Cyrus wrong.”

The video shows workers racing through an empty store in shopping carts as the “race to unemployment begins.”

“It was awesome,” Dominick’s employee Angela Porreca- Giacchetti said of the video. “They put a lot of work into it. We just thought it was very entertaining.”

The video was filmed at a Glen Ellyn Dominick's store and its creator, Steve Yamamoto, said he was suspended from work Saturday.

Yamamoto said the video was an attempt to "make light of a bad situation."

"It was all in good fun," he said. "I was expecting laughs from the employees, that's it."

Porreca-Giacchetti, who has worked for Dominick’s for 29 years and was serving her last day as a floral manager at a Willowbrook location Saturday, said the closings are devastating.

“It’s very, very heart-wrenching,” she said. “I started with Dominick’s when I was 16 years old.”

While the video’s message was a sarcastic "thank you" to Safeway Inc., Porreca-Giacchetti has another message for Dominick’s parent company.

“We didn’t deserve this,” she said.

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