Family Sues Dolton, Cook County Over Hit-and-Run of Teen

Kenyatta Brack killed last week by speeding car trying to get away from police

The city of Dolton and Cook County are being sued by the family of a teenager killed by a driver fleeing from police.

Attorney Larry Rogers Jr. said the family of Kenyatta Brack Jr. allege Cook County sheriff's deputies and Dolton police officers acted recklessly in pursuing a suspect through residential areas of Dolton.

In a statement, Rogers claims several witnesses have come forward to refute police claims they were not involved in a chase.

"My son's friend who was with him, he seen the cop. And the cop was right behind (the Sonata), " Brack's father, Kenyatta Brack Sr., told the Chicago Tribune last week.  "They was right there, speeding."

Brack was riding his bike Sunday to meet his mother when the driver of an auto fleeing police struck and killed him. Authorities say the officers were following the fleeing car at a safe distance and speed when the boy was hit. Authorities say no suspect is in custody.

Telephone calls to Cook County and Dolton officials for comment weren't immediately returned.

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