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Workers Disciplined for Mistakenly Euthanizing Dogs

The report recommends the firing of 3 employees and discipline for the others



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    Eight workers from Chicago's Animal Care and Control have been disciplined and three fired after mistakenly euthanizing four dogs that weren't slated to be killed.

    The workers then covered up the mistake.

    Chicago's inspector general found four dogs were accidentally put down between February and July 2006, according to the Sun-Times. 

    Sources told the Better Government Association a police lieutenant dropped his dog off  for a rabies check at the city animal pound at 2741 S. Western Avenue in March 2006 and never saw him again.

    Sources said the dog was mistakenly euthanized, and staffers doctored paperwork to cover their tracks.

    Three employees have been recommended for firing, including a veterinarian. Five others faced suspension or a reprimand.

    "Our findings are obviously serious in nature, but we've found the new commissioner to be quite responsive to the matters we've brought forward to her, and we hope she has the opportunity to make the necessary changes in the program that our findings clearly indicate are required," Inspector General Joe Ferguson said in a statement.

    Cherie Travis became executive director of Animal Care seven months ago.

    Travis said she's implementing several changes, including making the facility "no-kill," so animals will only be euthanized if it's for injury or safety reasons.