Dog Found Dead After Coyote Attack in Wheaton

A puppy that went missing after a coyote attack in Wheaton was found dead on Saturday.

Thursday night, a pack of coyotes attacked two small dogs in their owner's backyard.

One of the dogs -- named Jake, suffered severe puncture wounds, while the other, a 1-year-old Yorkshire terrier named Floyd, was still missing Friday night.

Sue Reid, the dogs' owner, received a call from police on Saturday afternoon to notify her on Floyd's death.

Reid had witnessed the attack. She was talking on the phone after letting them out into her back yard, when she heard a commotion.

"I saw four coyotes surrounding Jake. I threw the phone and I just ran," she said.
Reid ran toward the coyotes and scared them off. She found Jake bleeding and scared.

"He was shaking. He was very scared," she said. "I brought him back in the house, and I went back outside to look for Floyd, and there was just no sign of him."

Reid said it was a mistake to let the dogs out by themselves -- something she rarely does because she has seen coyotes around her subdivision before.

Sue's 12-year-old daughter, Kendall, saved her allowance to get Floyd. Through tears, Kendall said she's holding out hope he's still alive.

"I hope he's with a family right now -- in a house and they're taking care of him, and maybe they'll return him home," she said.

Friday night, the family notified their neighbors in the Arrowhead Estates subdivision near Herrick Lake about the attack. But so far, they have not found Floyd.

"Not knowing is the worst part. It's awful losing a pet," Reid said.

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