Dog Attack in River North Leaves Owners Searching for Answers

A corgi and a husky were left with multiple puncture wounds and serious injuries after being attacked by another canine at a dog park in River North on Sunday morning.

One of the dogs, a two-year-old Corgi named Riot, was attacked by a pit bull that was new to the park, and Riot’s owner is speaking out about the attack.

“The next thing I know, I hear this horrible howling, this horrible noise,” owner Bob Emanuel said. “I looked over and my dog is in Nyla’s mouth.”

Another dog owner, Charles Kim, snapped a photo of the horrifying encounter and witnessed the entire attack.

“I just heard horrific shrieking noises,” Kim said. “I turn back and see that Nyla has Riot in her mouth, and she is dangling him and shaking him.”

A veterinarian had to install drainage tubes and had to give Riot 28 stitches, who suffered three different puncture wounds as a result of the attack.

“I have been putting a t-shirt on him every day, because there are a lot of children in my building and they will walk up to him and look at him and go ‘oh my God,’” Emanuel said. “It’s a pretty horrific looking scene.”

Following the incident, Emanuel is hopeful that the pit bull’s owner will learn a lesson, and he is hoping to talk to her. 

“I really want this owner to come forward so we can talk to her, and let her know her dog needs to be better socialized,” he said. “If you have a dog like this and you are talking to somebody because their child was bitten, that’s really going to be a whole different story.”  

According to reports, Emanuel is offering a $500 reward for the dog owner’s name and contact information. 

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