Dixmoor Water Pressure Issues Could be Resolved After Broken Pipe Repaired

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Officials in suburban Dixmoor say that a ruptured pipe, which had exacerbated water pressure issues in the village, has been repaired, and are hopeful that the village will have normal water service restored Monday evening.

According to a press release, the broken pipe, which occurred at the intersection of 144th Street and Ashland in suburban Harvey, has been repaired as of Monday afternoon.

Now, village officials are waiting for the community’s reservoir to fill up. After that occurs, the officials hope to have turbines resume operation, which will then ideally lead to a restoration of water pressure and service.

A boil order was put into effect after the pipe break, according to officials.

The issues began last week, with village officials declaring a state of emergency on Thursday. On Saturday, an email was released saying that water pressure was less than a quarter of what it needed to be in order to maintain service, and efforts were undertaken to restore pressure.

Several pipe ruptures were reported during that process, and turbines that are designed to help boost water pressure also needed to be repaired at times.

The village, located 18 miles south of Chicago, gets its water from nearby Harvey.

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