Divvy Bikes to Remain Available Through Winter

Chicago winters can be brutal, but officials with the city's popular Divvy bike sharing service say the baby blue bikes will be available through the winter months. 

"We’re committed to serving Divvy riders year-round, even during our snowy Chicago winters," Mayor Rahm Emanuel said. "Divvy bikes will be available to ride throughout the fall and winter seasons, so Chicagoans can bundle up and keep warm by pedaling to their destinations."

Divvy officials told UR Chicago earlier this year that the company wants to take advantage of the occasional 50-degree day and have bikes available for use.

"With the appropriate clothing, Divvy still makes a lot of sense, particularly for people who want more transit options," Chicago Department of Transportation Commissioner Gabe Klein said.

When Chicago's typically snowy conditions begin to surface, the Divvy team will ensure that stations are clear, salted and safe for riders. Officials will also issue safety alerts on particularly brutal days if they need to close the system.

Many of the bikes will be put away to match anticipated winter ridership, and workers will also be doing some preventative maintenance.

However, you'll still be able to find a bike to ride -- even if it means sliding through slush.

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