Distribution of Thousands of Free Gas, Transit Cards Begins in Chicago Program

An undated file photo of a person pumping gas into a car.
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Officials in Chicago say that thousands of gas and transit cards have been given out as part of a $12.5 million program, with thousands still left to be given away amid surges in gas prices across the U.S.

The Chicago Moves program is an assistance program dedicated to providing financial relief amid escalating inflation and fuel prices in the U.S.

According to Mayor Lori Lightfoot, approximately 10,000 gas cards have already been distributed, or are awaiting pickup at City Hall. Another 25,000 transit cards and 10,000 gas cards will soon be given out as well.

“The robust response to our Chicago Moves program demonstrates the vast need for this kind of assistance,” Lightfoot said. “People are experiencing economic hardship due to the skyrocketing inflation and cost of gas, but the city is committed to providing continued financial relief to combat these challenging times.”

More than 90,000 Chicago residents have submitted applications for the program. Those who are picked in each lottery have the option to pick the card up at a designated location, or to receive the card in the mail.

According to city officials, 75% of the cards will be given to those who “reside in high mobility hardship community areas.”

Lotteries have already taken place in the first weeks of May and June, with an additional lottery set for early July, officials said.

Applications are available for the program through Sept. 1. To be eligible, Chicagoans must

-Be a resident of the city, age 18 or older.

-Have an average or below-average income

-Have a valid email address

Gas card recipients will also need to have a valid and current city sticker on their vehicles.

Applications can be found on the Chicago Moves website, or via paper applications at public library locations. Only one person per household may apply.

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