Dispatch Recordings Capture Plane Crash Aftermath

Newly-released dispatch recordings capture the pandemonium among emergency responders moments after a small plane crashed into the parking lot of a Bolingbrook Chase Bank Wednesday.

A Kentucky couple, Narayan and Jay Venguswamy died in the crash.

It was just after 5:15 pm that arriving emergency units radioed back to their command center that a monumental tragedy was unfolding.

At first authorities weren't sure what they had, believing the plane had actually struck the bank, and there was genuine concern that bank employees were in jeopardy.

One of the responders reported that people were trapped inside the bank. As it turned out, everyone inside the bank was safe, and the injuries were contained to the two individuals inside the plane.

It was 6 minutes from the original call that dispatch was notified that the pilot had made his way out of the plane, but was badly burned.

The Will County Coroner announced Friday that it will be two weeks before they determine whether Jay Venguswamy died from the crash or the fire.

Officials with the National Transportation Safety Board say the pilot actually touched down at Clow International Airport, but may have aborted his landing because he didn't have enough runway.

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