Dippin' Dots are Dunzo

So much for the future of dessert.

The company behind Dippin' Dots -- the gimmicky flash-frozen ice cream mixed with liquid nitrogen and served up as, yup, a bowl filled with ice-cream-like dots -- filed for bankruptcy protection on Thursday. Although the company is headquartered in Paducah, Ky., its namesake product was invented by Southern Illinois University Carbondale grad Curt Jones in 1987.

At best, the bizarre treat was a cult hit and although over the years it became a regular menu offering at some McDonald's, it could hardly be described as ubiquitous. In Chicago, it can easily be found at Navy Pier, which perhaps also speaks to its niche and failure to penetrate on a wider level beyond the tourist market.

It's unclear whether Jones, who is president of Dippin' Dots Inc., intends to reorganize his companies' assets and keep operating or if this is it for them. In the meantime: Where are we to turn for the ice cream of tomorrow?

Read more about the filing over at the Wall Street Journal.

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