Dillinger ‘Death Mask' Up for Auction

Al Capone's monogrammed scarf also up for grabs

A prized piece of gangster history hits the auction block this month.

John Dillinger's "death mask" is among some Chicago memorabilia going up for auction on November 18, according to the Chicago Sun-Times..

In 1934, an amateur criminologist worked his way past Cook County morgue guards to cast Dillinger's face after the FBI gunned down the bank robber in ambush outside Chicago's Biograph Theater. Now that mask could bring a high price.  

Dillinger is one of the most notorious bank robbers from the Depression-era. He was charged with murdering an East Chicago police officer, but never convicted.

Other items up for auction include Al Capone's monogrammed scarf, some rare maps of Chicago before the Great Fire of 1871 and a first-edition copy of Daniel Burnham's "Plan of Chicago."

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