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Illinois Residents React to Dick's Sporting Goods Halting Sales of Assault-Style Rifles

The leadership of the Parkland students who were "brave enough to organize" spurred the retailer's action, its CEO said

At Dick’s Sporting Goods in Northbrook Wednesday some customers purposely shopped at the north suburban store, after the sporting goods chain made a bold move in its gun policy.

Dick’s announced Wednesday that it “will no longer sell assault-style rifles." It will also no longer sell firearms to anyone under 21 and the chain will remove high capacity magazines from all of its stores. The moves comes as a result of the latest school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

“This last shooting has been a tipping point,” customer Ken Hoffman said.

“I wish more retailers would do it and hopefully the public will back them,” shopper Steve Schwartz said.

“You’ve got the NRA saying we need assault weapons--I think that is ridiculous," Mike Kravits said. "I am glad to see someone take a stand."

Lee Goodman works with Peaceful Communities, a volunteer group that fights for stricter gun laws. Goodman not only applauds the new gun policy, but also the political stand that dick’s made today.

“This is a big change," he said. "They are calling for legislation to ban sales of assault weapons by anyone in the country this is what we have been wanting to see someone in the gun industry do."

But Illinois State Rifle Association head Richard Pearson blasted Dick’s for its new policy.

“Dick’s has always been very weak on 2nd Amendment rights,” he said. “They are going against what firearm owners want, these are very popular rifles. Firearm owners are going to be very upset about this .”

Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he commends “Dick’s Sporting Goods for seeing the big picture, raising the age requirement for gun buyers and halting all sales of assault-style weapons.”

Some Dick’s customers want to make sure the chain does not suffer from its decision.

“We can make a little step because they are making a giant step," Sharon Schwartz said.

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