Dick Durbin Likely Banned From Russia

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin likely won't be able to travel to Russia anymore. 

For shame. 

The Senate Majority Whip is among the top officials expected to be named to a retaliatory sanctions list by Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

President Barack Obama released a sanctions list Monday that includes seven Russian and four Ukranian officials from holding assets or traveling to the United States after a vote to annex the Ukranian state of Crimea ended with Russia taking over the area.

Putin's list is considered a direct retaliation against those sanctions and his list is meant to mirror Obama's. 

Durbin, who co-authored a resolution criticizing Russia's Crimean aggression, told The Daily Beast that he thinks of the list as sort of a badge of honor. 

"My Lithuanian-born mother would be proud her son made Vladimir Putin’s American enemies list."

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