Desiree's Gatecrashers Land on “Housewives”

Salahis already taped 12 episodes

Desiree Rogers’ Washington career is likely over after she resigned her post as White House Social Secretary.

Oddly, the people who ultimately forced her to step down, gatecrashers Tareq and Michael Salahi, are just beginning their Washington career.

The world's most famous party crashers got what they wanted out of their stunt and landed on the television show “The Real Housewives of D.C.,” reports The Daily Beast, citing sources.

In fact they’ve already taped 12 episodes. Their star is rising.

Rogers’ is going in the opposite direction.

She’s back in Chicago, looking for a job and suffering from a lack of media exposure (she was spotted at an event at the Art Institute this past weekend.

It's oddly karmic that Rogers, who treated her job at the White House as though it were her own personal reality program, was bumped by fame-grubbers.

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