Derrion Albert's Death a Top Twitter Topic

"so derrion albert..."

The story of an innocent black teenager being beaten to death on Chicago's streets is resonating online.

Unknown in life to the world last week, Derrion Albert, with an assist from national media coverage, has become in death a top trending topic on Twitter.

The tweets are largely outpourings of grief and exclamations of disgust.

"RIP Derrion Albert. What a life wasted. Parents, Community, All of us need 2 stand up against this sh*t. Too many ppl r dying 4 nothing," reads a tweet from Chris_POV.

"finally saw that vid of derrion albert getting beat to death," reads another. "nobody should die like that. so damn sad and disgusting."

Jae_B: "so derrion albert...i didn't know you at all, but your death proved to be so pointless...may you find refuge in gods hands."

Cammers grieved on YouTube as well.

"At some point, we as men in our communities have to put our foot down, man," said a user named tahirjahi, in what was a common theme among commenters. "These things happen in poor communities, but they spread, like crack and gun violence."

The media buzz around Derrion's death has also contributed to the rise of another trending topic, #stoptheviolence.

But despite the global attention Twitter provides, the grievers also admitted a sense of powerlessness against random violence.

That helplessness was perhaps best summed up by a tweet from TheOnlyFTG:

"Ok so we make #DerrionAlbert a top trending topic..And then what?"

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