Derrick Rose Scrimmages in Public for Team U.S.A.

Bulls former MVP point guard is trying out for Team U.S.A. and plays before cameras for first time since tearing meniscus

See Derrick run. See Derrick shoot. See Derrick jump.

Basketball fans got to see Derrick Rose do several things on Monday he hasn't done in public for several months since tearing the meniscus in his right knee last year and sitting out the rest of the season.

The injury came after he missed the previous season following surgery to repair the torn ACL in his left knee.

This week, Rose is part of a five-day mini-camp in Las Vegas to try out for Team USA. Rose was one of five players from the 2012 Olympic men's basketball team picked for the summer team roster.

After playing in a five-on-five scrimmage and checking Golden State Warriors star Stephan Curry, Rose told reporters his knee is in good shape.

"It's good, there's no pain ... right now I'm in camp with the U.S.A. team and hopefully I make it," Rose said.

"If you're right there I'm gonna try to dunk. My legs are healthy, I'm not worrying about injuring myself or anything, I'm just trying to do anything to win that game at that time."

Rose said he still has a lot of confidence in his game, despite the long stretch on the sidelines.

"I really think I'm a special player, in my mind. I still have youth -- I'm only 25, so just doing everything I'm supposed to do in rehab, strengthening everything, and taking it one day at a time and getting the most out of every day. That's where I've been preparing for this moment," Rose said.

"The only thing I'm missing is probably my wind. Everything else, making shots, getting people in rhythm, all that comes naturally to me, especially as hard as I've been working over the summer with my jump shot."

Rose says along with working on other aspects of his game, he's learned a lot about body control.

"I'm able to control my body more using my speed. Being smart with my speed, instead of just running wild out there, just being smart, I think I'm a smarter player but I'm mad it took me seven years to learn that," Rose said.

The former MVP addressed rumors that the Bulls are trying to land disgruntled Minnesota Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love via trade.

"I can't think about that right now. It's up to the front office and I'm riding with whatever decision they make, and my job right now is to prepare for this and just try to keep my body healthy," Rose said.

I think we have a contender ... we have a contending team. I know as a team what we're trying to do and we all have one goal and individually all summer everybody worked on their game and everyone's trying to compete for that title next year."

Rose told SLAM Magazine over the weekend that he looks forward to making his doubters eat their words.

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