“Nightmare” Sneaker Perfectly Sums Up 2012 in Chicago

The final shoe in the D Rose 3 signature collection will drop on Christmas Eve

It seems fitting the final signature shoe in the adidas D Rose 3 collection to hit stores this year would be called “Nightmare.” The sneaker company describes the shoe this way: “The purple, 'vertigo' shimmer synthetic leather upper represents the bad dreams opponents have about guarding the 2011 NBA Most Valuable Player.”

But the shoe also represents what was a nightmarish 2012 for Derrick, Bulls fans and the City of Chicago itself.

From a basketball standpoint, Rose’s "Nightmare" began with the constant injuries last season that kept him sidelined. A torn ACL in late March shattered the Bulls' championship momentum along with the anticipated rematch in the Eastern Conference Finals with the Miami Heat, and the core of a team that helped him lead the Bulls to the best record in the NBA for two straight seasons.

For fans, their "Nightmare" began on April, 28, when their dreams of a seventh championship parade and Grant Park rally lay stretched out on the United Center floor, writhing in pain.

But however you interpret the symbolism laid within the shoe, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it is quite possibly the best-looking release of the entire collection – no disrespect to “Brenda.”

In addition to the shoe being shimmering purple, it also has a black-and-white speckled midsole to match the wave patterned, black-and-white laces. But here’s the kicker: It has a glow-in-the-dark outsole, the finishing touch on what is sure to be a must-have for any serious sneaker enthusiast.    

So while Derrick continues to rehab, work out and get us all excited at clips of him shooting jumpers at the United Center before games and running the track inside the Berto Center after practice, he’s giving his fans – and sneakerheads – a very cool Christmas gift by releasing a shoe that is sure to be on their Christmas wish list, right behind, “I want D. Rose’s knee to get better so he can play again.”

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