DePaul Students to Resume Protest of Tuition Hike

A DePaul spokesman said the proposed hikes are roughly the equivalent of inflation

Some DePaul University students plan to return to campus again Friday to protest proposed tuition hikes.

On Thursday about 20 students staged a sit-in at the school's downtown campus at Jackson and Wabash and gathered outside the office of DePaul President Dennis Holtschneider on the 20th floor.

The group stayed for about five hours and eventually met with Holtschneider. One protestor told the Chicago Sun-Times he was not impressed, describing Holtschneider as "rather condescending."

The students have a list of demands, including wanting a public forum to discuss the tuition hike.

DePaul's board of trustees meets this weekend, and the tuition hikes are a topic that's expected to be discussed.

A DePaul spokesman told the Sun-Times the proposed hikes are roughly the equivalent of inflation, and that next year's budget includes an 11.5 percent increase from this year in financial aid.

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