Chicago Police

DePaul Student Wasn't Robbed or Kidnapped in Lincoln Park, Police Say

Chicago police are now casting doubt on the story of a DePaul University student who reported that they had been robbed and kidnapped on the school's Lincoln Park campus on Tuesday night. 

In a social media post, a Chicago Police spokesman said that police detectives determined that the case was not a kidnapping, and that the student was not robbed on the school's campus. 

The spokesman also said that the incident was not "random," but did not provide further details. 

At the time, the student told authorities they were kidnapped Tuesday right across the street from the school's Lincoln Park campus and then robbed, authorities said. 

While walking through the alley, the student told police two men and a woman forced him into a car at gunpoint and drove away to rob him. He was later released unharmed, according to original reports. 

The incident sparked fears among residents in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, who called the alleged incident "scary." The school put out an alert about the crime. 

Chicago police are still investigating. 

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