Dennis Rodman Wants a Nobel Peace Prize

Former Chicago Bull’s NBA player Dennis Rodman has set himself a lofty goal.

Rodman told Sports Illustrated in a recent interview that he should be on the list of consideration for a 2014 Nobel Peace Prize after returning from a trip to North Korea to visit with Kim Jong Un earlier this year.

Jong Un and Rodman share a love for basketball and the pair talked a lot about the game when Rodman visited as part of a controversial trip negotiated by and filmed for Vice Magazine on HBO. Rodman said the time he spent with the country's dear leader changed his perspective on how Jong Un should be perceived by the world. 

He said he now sees himself as a peacemaker who should be recognized on the same ground as President Obama and Nelson Mandela. Rodman asked Kim Jong Un to free Kenneth Bae from a 15 year hard labor sentence as a favor.

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Rodman plans a return trip next month to play basketball and go on vacation with  Jong Un and his family.

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